Toronto's most Exciting & Versatile Harpist – Joanna Jordan

Fun Little Video Clip of live harp music Toronto played by Joanna Jordan

Live harp music Toronto -Here is a fun Little Video Clip of Joanna Jordan playing Lean On Major Lazor

This video was originally posted on Instagram by Anthea, Fashion Blogger. Part-Time MBA candidate. Tech and Social Media enthusiast. Toronto, Vancouver  www.clotheslinefinds.com


live harp music Toronto taken by Anthea, Fashion Blogger

video taken by Anthea, Fashion Blogger

Here are some comments:

anthea__tLunch time beats with electric harpist Joanna Jordan! #Leanon #music #toronto #gottalent #majorlazor

joannajordan333@anthea__t Thank you for the video and everyone for the kind words!


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