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How to set your Music Budget for Your Wedding

When determining what percentage of the budget that you can use for your music, it is good to consider  what you and your guests will talk about for years to come.  Clients have told me that my price is somewhat comparable with the cost of a vegetable platter at most events. Something to think about is – Are you and your guests going to be talking about how amazing the vegetables were or how spectacular the Plate chargers or seat covers were? Are these things people will remember for years to come?

There are most likely other costs in your event that perhaps can be cut  down to make more room in the budget for higher quality entertainment:

Things that might be considered to save some money:

  • Veggie Platter
  • Unnecessary Decor
  • Lighting overkill
  • Wedding Planner that is only available the day of

How to Budget Music for your Wedding – here’s a basic breakdown of what you can expect to pay:

  • Reception: 48-50 percent
  • Ceremony: 2-3 percent
  • Attire: 8-13 percent
  • Flowers: 8-10 percent
  • Entertainment/Music: 8-13 percent
  • Photography/Videography: 10-12 percent
  • Stationery: 2-3 percent
  • Wedding Rings: 2-3 percent
  • Parking/Transportation: 2-3 percent
  • Gifts: 2-3 percent
  • Miscellaneous: 8 percent

How much of the Budget does your Vendor Cost?

Here is a formula you can use to figure out how much of your budget your vendor is costing for your event:
Take the cost of Vendor and Divide by your Budget. For example:. Vendor cost is $1500 and Budget for event is $40,000
1,500/40,000 = .04 which is 4 %

How to calculate the difference between two vendors for your budget?

Take the cost of the higher cost vendor – the cost of cheaper vendor = what you save, take that amount and divide that by the total budget

Here is an example:
higher cost vendor is $1,500 -the cost of cheaper vendor $650 = $850 divide this by Budget for event is $40,000 = .02 = 2 %


Toronto Harpist Joanna Jordan playing for Kleinfelds Opening

Kleinfelds Grand Opening

Joanna Jordan has a proven ability to generate successful events.
Joanna’s clients consistently say that the  effect  her music creates far outweighs the percentage used in their budget.

How can you decide if the difference in cost between vendors is worth it? 

Compare what services are you getting:
Are they Reliable, Punctual, Audible, Accountable, Versatile and Entertaining in all the aspects you want?
Can they play relatable joyful music that won’t get boring after 20 minutes?
Do they have a Large variety of music to offer you several hours of interesting music?
Can you make Requests? Will they meet with you?

You might want to pay less but what are you getting?

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 Joanna Jordan's HarpBeat Includes: Typical Harpist
You can count on Joanna Jordan to be there (and no one else)
Joanna has never
• cancelled an event for any reason
• sent in someone else to substitute for her
• taken a higher paying job
• cancelled because someone more important came along In fact, Joanna turned down an event to play for the Royal Family in order to honour her contract with a Wedding client). To make things even more amazing, at first the planner for the event offered as much as $10,000 which Joanna turned down and then the agent changed the date and time so that Joanna did play for a member of the Royal Family
On Time
Joanna has never been late for any job because she leaves
lots of time for Toronto traffic and does not book
events too closely together
Access to over 4,000 songs in Joanna's current repertoire
Song Requests
Joanna typically spends at least 6 hours for clients
preparing their favourite pop songs
Your choice of any style of music including;
Classical, Jazz, Contemporary Pop, Urban, Hip Hop, World Music, Bollywood, Timeless Pop, Country, R & B, Blues, Electronic, House and Rock played with authenticity to whatever the style calls for.
Joanna does this with authenticity as a result of her extensive training in Pop, Rock Blues and Jazz.
Classical Music and some Pop music
on the internet, there are complaints and people have told Joanna that "the other harpist’s music sounded like what you would hear at a funeral, not a Wedding. The Pop music sounded slow, dull and like Elevator Music"
Joanna can create any Ambiance you like
Upbeat, Mellow, Smooth, Gentle. Quite often a combination of all these styles fits all the different moments in an event. Many people are attracted to Joanna’s upbeat and exciting songs which are a nice surprise for everyone
Joanna has the skills of several musicians and can change her style as the event evolves
Joanna always provides a Sound System consisting of
• The Electric Harp with the ability to hook up with a Band or DJ's sound system and the
harp still sounds like a beautiful audible harp after the hook up
• one Roland KC350 Amp &Effects Pedal
• Ipad Pro which holds all of Joanna’s 4000 songs, organized with quick time between
songs like a DJ
Most harpists do not provide any sound system and will tell you that you don’t need one. There are these complaints on the internet: “the music did not resonate as well as what was shown on youtube, I have footage of her which shows her to be a bit somber looking and not too happy/"
Electric Pedal Harp
Sounds like a beautiful harp. works much better for hooking up with DJs and Venue sound systems. Please check out the difference between the sound of an Electric harp and the Acoustic Harp with sound samples
Acoustic harp - A DJ might provide a microphone to amplify the harp, but the quality of the sound from the harp with the microphone does not sound like a beautiful harp and creates a tinny sound that can feedback and also amplifies the room noise
Pre-recorded music on breaks
Up to one hour of consulting directly with Joanna on the phone, Skype or in Joanna’s home
Online planning forms
Delivery, Load in and out and Set up no later than one hour prior to the start time of the event (this is actually on Joanna’s contract and you can get a full refund if she would be late, which has never happened) Joanna is always ready 15 minutes prior to her start time and can in fact start early (and end early too) if that is what you wantSet up maybe 30 minutes prior to the start time and may show up later than that which is too close for comfort.
Found this on the internet: "She was to arrive at 9:45 am but was late to the church. She was setting up while guests were arriving, which is unfortunate because I was hoping to welcome guests to some relaxing music"
Liability Insured (many venues require this and you could be sued if the
musician does not have this
Member in excellent standing for over 20 years of the American/Canadian Federation of Musicians which is a Professional Musician Union consisting of over 45,000 members. Being a member of this Union is important in many venues. Joanna also uses the Contract from AF of M which makes her accountable to this organization. no one to be accountable to if they are late, unreliable or don’t sound good
Travel to anywhere in the GTATravel to anywhere in the GTA

It’s not just by chance that Joanna is selected to play the harp at events where the music makes a difference.

Joanna’s music is presented with elegance, authenticity and excitement
in such a way that you and your guests will definitely notice.

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