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How to select your DJ and Live Music

How to Choose Your Live Music and DJ

Choosing Live Music
When sourcing out musician rates, you can find musicians for as little as $150 and as much as $10,000 for an event. When trying to figure out what’s difference in the prices you are being quoted and what you get, there are some things to consider.

  • If you’re planning an important event, like your Wedding you might want to select some really special music and not just the same old ordinary music that you hear at most events.
  • You don’t want to worry that you’ve made a bad hiring decision because you got a musician that was boring, inaudible, late or drunk. It’s not worth the risk to hire someone who doesn’t deliver something extraordinary, as your Wedding is not an ordinary day in your life.
  • A skilled and versatile musician who works full time in their business can create a vibe in the room that changes from moment to moment.
  • The music for your Wedding is like the soundtrack for a movie. If you don’t think it matters and most of your decisions are based on how things look, please go to a movie and imagine how much would be missing if the music was not audible on the soundtrack.
  • When people think about what was memorable from their Wedding, it’s the live music that truly connects with peoples hearts,  gets them excited, totally jazzed and talking about how amazing your live music was for years to come.
  • Many people think that Classical music is a good choice for their reception because it seems elegant. However, Classical harp music can be pretty boring after a couple of minutes  and it sounds more like something you would hear at a funeral. As well, most classical harpists do not bring a sound system. Most people don’t listen to or relate to Classical music. One of the things that Joanna’s clients love is that she can play very up to date relatable music and because Joanna plays instrumental versions of these songs, like Bad and Bougie or Mask Off, no one will be shocked by some of the words that are in those songs.
  • Cocktail receptions are usually quite lively and although classical music and slow pop music might be ok for the first 5 minutes before most of the guests arrive, classical music or slow songs gets tired and do not match the energy of the event. In my experience upbeat music with a groove  (smooth jazz, pop, or cool rock) creates joyful energy that makes everyone feel good. When I see people moving through the room, tapping their side or their foot, I can see that the music is making them feel more comfortable in this meet and greet part of a reception.
  • There are some music providers that have a roster of musicians. That is how they can keep the prices cheaper because they can do multiple events on the same day. If you ask them who will be coming to your event, for some companies there is no guarantee that the first call people will be there. I have read some reviews online of people complaining about the appearance of the musicians, not audible, looked unhappy, not dressed nicely or that they were late in arriving to the event.
  • Some musicians do not supply any amplification. Whenever there are more than 30 people at event, the harp becomes inaudible, except on the outskirts of the room. Please know that I completely understand that the music is to play in the background so that people can speak with one another, but if the music is audible, it can create an atmosphere which will cause a room to sound less noisy and there are ways to work with this that I have learned from experience to make this happen
  • With the traffic being so tricky in the GTA  these days, i am happy to tell you that i am never late for events and as a matter of fact, I make sure that I arrive to set up no later than 1 hour prior to the start of my performance and most of the time, I arrive earlier than that just to be cautious.

Choosing Your DJ –
How important is it for you to know who your DJ is before the day of your Wedding?

  • Did you to know that most DJs get your song list a couple of days before your Wedding?
  • For most DJs, you are just a list of songs and names that don’t mean that much to them.
  • We recommend going with a DJ that will meet with you so that the DJ will to get to know what you are all about and help you by investing more time and interest in you.
  • We recommend working directly with an experienced DJ who will help you put together an amazing evening of music that all your guests will enjoy and keep the dance floor rocking throughout the night.
  • A good DJ should be there for you from when you first meet right up until your last dance ends.

Don’t be Fooled by

  • Professionally done videos that look like a live performance, when what you are hearing has been pre-recorded and would not sound like that at your Wedding, especially outdoors where the music is usually not that audible. Please do question why they don’t show videos of their live performances in front of people. When viewing videos of someone playing in an empty room, you still won’t know what they sound like in your venue with your people.
  • Make sure you can sample videos of live music (recorded live) that demonstrate what the music sounds like more than 10 feet away and all over the room
  • Make sure you can sample audio clips of the songs you want to hear and even better if you have not heard this musician play live somewhere, ask them where you can hear them live or ask for a demo in their home if they can not demonstrate their music on their website.
  • Reviews and Awards from Websites people pay to belong to, like Wedding Wire and other sites like that are questionable. If the reviewer has only submitted one review and it is for the vendor you are looking at, it is likely that this is not a real review from a real wedding client. Vendors quite often pad these reviews so that they can get awards and higher ratings.
  • Reviews that all sound the same, even if it they are positive, most Brides and Grooms don’t get to hear any of the music that takes prior to their dinner and give a nice review to a musician they liked working with preparing for their Wedding and also because everyone else does that. Instead look for specific things they are saying that you are qualities you are looking for.

Joanna Jordan’s music can create any mood.
Please check out this video that has 30 songs:

The combination of the elegance of the harp with recognizable music causes most people to smile and enjoy what they are hearing.

So please spend a little time and enjoy some sound samples. If you phone Joanna, she can find out a bit more about you as well as to discuss a few things that she does that are very unique that might not be on this website.

Make sure you know specifically who is creating music for your event

Hiring Joanna Jordan is like hiring several musicians. Joanna is professionally trained in a variety of genres, offering you an unusually large repertoire of music that can change from moment to moment as your event evolves. When I play Pop, Rock and Jazz it sounds like the real deal. Please check it out –  it doesn’t sound like elevator music!

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What DJ Alan Gollom DJnLIVE can do for you

Having worked in the DJ/Wedding industry for a long time I’ve learned many things. One is that I’m not as young as I was when I first started!! But you know what? That can be a big advantage!

Experience has taught me many things – things that will help improve the quality of your wedding.

One thing I’ve gained from experience, and I’ve been learning even before DJing, is the increase in my knowledge of music. I’ve been listening to and loving music since I was a kid and I have a vast knowledge (and library) of music. I know what music appeals to different age groups and many different backgrounds. I know what music will keep the dance floor hopping from the beginning to the end of the night. I’ve also learned what music works best during cocktails and dinner.

From experience I’ve also learned that it’s not about me. It’s about you and my always respecting your wishes for what music you would like played as well as to consider all requests from your guests providing they aren’t songs that will clear the dance floor!!

With years of working at weddings and special events, I am very familiar with the ebb and flow of these events. If you want, I am more than glad to help you choose what activities will work or not and when the best time is to schedule various activities.

To ensure the success of any venture, preparation is the key. One of the things I like to do is meet with couples well before the wedding to start and assist with planning and organizing of everything from the bridal party entrance, to the special dances, music selection and more. When it comes to music I like to take time to learn about your selections, organize them into playlists so that the music is played at the right time will appeal to all the different age groups at your wedding. And of course, part of my experience for reading the crowd will also help determine what gets played at what time.

And it’s not enough to have just the right music. You also want the right sound. In addition to arriving at the venue at least an hour before your event, to set up and ensure everything is in working order and sounding great, I will be monitoring the sound quality throughout the night and check in with you regularly to again ensure everything is a-ok for you.

In addition, experience has taught me, to use modern and well maintained equipment and provide backup Other little things that I consider important are dressing appropriately and professionally for your wedding. Also the only thing you may find me drinking is water or coke. – no alcohol. I don’t drink and DJ, plus, you already have enough people hiking up your bar bill!!

If you wish my services as MC (at no extra cost) you should know that I used to do standup comedy so I have a great deal of experience connecting and relating to a crowd. I’m always glad to introduce you, the bridal party, the speeches, toasts and games in my warm, humorous but still very professional manner.

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