Toronto's most Exciting & Versatile Harpist – Joanna Jordan



For the outdoor portion, the Harp & equipment must be located in a completely covered and shaded, dry (not on a wet or damp floor/ground, dirt, gravel or mud) flat area (not on a hill or a bump), waterproofed at all times. If any moisture (rain, pool splashing, sprinklers, fountains, etc) is getting anywhere near the harp or other equipment, the music will stop and all the equipment will be moved to a dry location.

If the temperature is below 19 C (wind-chill)l, above 32C or it is very windy (30 km/hr), Joanna will not keep the harp and equipment or perform outdoors. The reasons for these condition are because in weather that is above 32C, the glue on the harp can melt and cause the harp to fall apart or if the temperature is below 19 C with a windchill that causes it be lower, the harp will not stay in tune. If inclement weather prevails, please arrange for an alternate indoor site. Please note: Overhangs or some tents only protect from some rain and do not eliminate all types of inclement weather.

The Celtic Harp is the instrument Joanna usually provides for most outdoor venues (unless there is a waterproof roof and sides). The extra charge to provide the Celtic harp as well as the Electric harp for the indoor part of your wedding is $200. If shade is not available, Joanna can provide an umbrella (not waterproof) for $100 or a small tent (not waterproofed, just to provide shade ) for $200.

If Joanna can not perform outdoors due to inclement weather, she will be happy to provide per-recorded music as long as all equipment can be kept dry and amplification is allowed outdoors at your venue.