Toronto's most Exciting & Versatile Harpist – Joanna Jordan

Playlists for Jessie

Hi Jessie

Here are a few tunes I thought you might like to sample for Cocktails, Dinner or if you would like me to be Entertaining during cocktails, between courses of dinner or after the Main Course.

I have more than 4000 songs in my repertoire and I am constantly learning new songs every week, so this is just a guess. If you hire me we would get together either on the phone or in person at my place for me to get to know you a bit better so that I won’t be guessing like today,  After that meeting, I will have a very clear idea of what to do, but I did suggest for you to sample my music, so here it is.

I think it is important to play elegant, joyful music that people can relate to and my experience has taught me so much about how to do that.



Cocktail music:

Here are a few tunes that might be lovely for dinner. I have some other Chinese songs that I have not recorded yet that people like, for example My Heart is Like the Moon and the Green Island Serenade and a few Yiruma songs too, like River Flows in You, Kiss the Rain, Maybe, Joy and Its your Day


Dinner songs

At some point (either in between courses of dinner or after the main course of dinner, I think it is a good idea to be more entertaining and get the energy up so that people will be ready for the dancing and DJ part of the evening, so if you would like me to I can be more Entertaining