Toronto's most Exciting & Versatile Harpist – Joanna Jordan

Protected: A Little Bit of All

Protected: A Little Bit of All

 A Little Bit of All

(Harp with Bass & Drums for jazz/rock)
Released in 1992
Joanna with Russ Boswell on Bass, Bobby Economou, Drums


Corranto (Anon)
Alman (Morley)
Corranto ( Anon)
The Shadow of Your Smile (Mandel)
Passacaille (Handel)
Summertime( Gershwin)
First Arabesque ( Debussy)
Hungarian Rhapsodie #2 (Franz Liszt, as done by Harpo Marx)
So What (Davis)
Oye Como Va ( Tito Puente)
Caitlin Triall & Port ui Mhuirgheasa (Arr. Allan Stivell)
Take Five (Paul Desmond)
Riders on the Storm (The Doors)
‘Round The Corner ( Deborah Henson Conant)
Purple Haze, (Jimi Hendrix)


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