Toronto's most Exciting & Versatile Harpist – Joanna Jordan

Technical Requirements and extra fees

All performances are to take place indoors

  • The Purchaser is responsible for choosing a performance site within 4 feet of a three pronged electrical outlet that is located in such a way that no one can walk over the connection that will be made by Ms. Jordan’s power bar to the outlet. If the performance site is further than this distance, the Purchaser must provide all extension cords and equipment to reach the nearest outlet. The Purchaser is liable for any of the provided cords or equipment and any person(s) who may come in contact with it. Please provide enough space for Joanna to fit the harp and equipment, which is at least 6 feet wide by 8 feet deep.
  • If you hire Joanna Jordan with DJnLIVE  the space requirement is 12  feet Wide X 8 Feet for Joanna to set up next to the DJ in the Reception room next to each other. If you would like Joanna to perform on a platform, please provide elevated a platform of 8 X 8 feet for solo harp
  • In Winter months, please insure that the performance location is not by an open door and that the temperature in the performance area is never below 19 C
  • Ms. Jordan need one hour to set up, so please ensure that the performance area(s) are ready upon arrival. Platform needs to be ready, (if necessary), extension cord must be ready as per above, and a decision might needs to be made as to where Joanna will set up. If the purchaser is not available or reachable at this time, please assign someone to make this decision. Otherwise, Ms. Jordan will make this decision at her discretion. Joanna will not arrive any earlier than one hour prior to the start time. If you require an earlier set up time, please let us know. There might be additional fee to set up earlier than 1 hour, however, Joanna might not be available, so please check.
  • If you require earlier set up, or for Joanna to wait to pack up and leave, or you would like to add Stretch the Time, the fee is $100/ hour with pre-recorded music available.
  • Soap bubbles or steam machines, (dry ice, etc) are NOT to be blown anywhere near the vicinity of the harp; before, during or after the performance.
  • There is to be no other music playing while Ms. Jordan is performing, unless she wants to play along.
  • If your event is more than two hours, out of town or you require an earlier set up, please supply two meals or whatever is being served.The purchaser will please provide two full meals, one for Ms. Jordan and her assistant. The meal is to be the same meal that your guests are served and served at the same time as the guests are served. Please note that you are not expected to provide alcoholic drinks.
  • If there is a charge for parking at the venue, the purchaser will provide either cash upon arrival at the performance or a parking pass.

If your event is out of town, there is an additional travel fee.

For out of town events, 90 minutes or more from Toronto, there is a 4 hour minimum. If your event is more than 2 hours out of town, hotel and meals are required.


Unscheduled Live Music Overtime is at the rate of $250/ half hour plus HST for up to 4 hours and $300/ half hour past 4 hours. Unscheduled waiting time for Non Live Music Overtime (prerecorded music) is at the rate of $50/half hour


If any part of your event is taking place outdoors, Joanna will most likely not do this, however if she has said yes because of your venue, please see the Outdoor Requirements.


Please add 13 % HST to all fees.


If you would like to pay with a Charge Card, there is a processing fee of 3%.