Toronto's most Exciting & Versatile Harpist – Joanna Jordan


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Joanna packed the Dance Floor at this Wedding playing Moves Like Jagger

Joanna Jordan Live Performance Videos Toronto events

Please check out these Videos of Joanna Jordan performing live music. The Electric Harp works so well in Toronto venues for private and public events. It is so nice to see how people connect with Joanna’s music. At most events where Joanna plays the harp, people react with such enthusiasm.

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Jordan is a world-class maestro of the harp. Absolutely superb. The elegance of her music, the virtuosity, the tempo, the intelligent variances and nuances, and above all, the multidimensional mastery of the musical cadence define the magnificent and unsurpassed talent of Joanna Jordan. True, it is an electric harp, but, the warmth of her musical interpretation, the rich choice of her repertoire, and the nostalgically delightful and sweet ambiance she creates, crown Jordan as the first lady of the contemporary harp. This fine musician is a true gem; La crème de la crème.”